(Mathematical) Models never lie.

After you’ve weighed out all of your options,
Accounted for each variable, each universal law.
You understand people; can predict their actions,
You factor in each quality; be it strength or flaw.
When after you’ve constructed the perfect model,
And you know exactly what you are supposed to do;
That little voice in your head will pipe up and say,
“What if?”, and it’s enough to make yourself doubt you.
You redo your model, look for the good in people’s hearts.
Think the best of everyone, even if it’s just a little bit;
Fool yourself with your optimism, anything can happen.
But when that little voice pipes up and says “What if?” 
Crush it.

People are not the best versions of themselves,
The same as you will never be the best version of you.
We’re all limited by our mindsets, our morals and values. 
It is what it is, and there is nothing we can do.
We can’t spin the globe and look at it from all angles;
Understand all the possibilities as it spins rapidly by.
We’re limited, by our inability. So when it says “What if?”
Crush it.
After all, (Mathematical) Models never lie.


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