Happiness is infectious

This is a bad poem. I just wanted to talk about how infectious happiness is. My professor had a baby girl. And for a moment, inexplicably, I was in my heart, thrilled for someone I dislike. Was it just his happiness, or was it for the birth of a child?  I don’t know. But I felt his happiness, and for that I’m glad.
Happiness is infectious.
The opening of a cardboard box,
Chocolates bring happiness
To those who cannot feel
But can still share in yours.

A brilliant, white smile;
At the birth of a child,
Doesn’t matter whose
A celebration of life.
Such happiness is infectious.

It bloomed in my heart,
That perfect white flower,
From your white smile,
As you held out your box
Full of chocolates; to share
The happiness that you felt
For a brief moment,
My heart could finally feel.
And I lived.


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