Once Bitten…

This was a prompt on http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/daily-prompt-tainted-love/. Something I wrote a while back, but which was somehow relevant to the prompt. This is also on my public profile, so well, hopefully no one makes the connection (unlikely anyway, no one reads either of these anyway). Haha.
Little Turtle in her shell, lying on the ocean floor,
Her eyes are in darkness, her mind a closed door.
Content to be, happy in silence, entirely satisfied;
She never pokes her head out, never ventures outside.

Fluttering Jellyfish, swimming vacantly along the shore,
Doesn’t know what he wants, just knows he wants more.
On a whim, one day he swam far below the tide,
And our shy, sweet Turtle’s immobile shell he spied.

“Come out to play,” he said, bobbing beside our friend,
“The world is bright, and the great ocean will never end.”
The Turtle watched warily from deep within her hole,
The Jellyfish saw only her eyes, and they glittered like coal.

She saw the Jellyfish’s colours, iridescent, like a rainbow;
And in a deep voice she spoke, just as he turned to go,
“I’m afraid of the vast ocean, afraid of the wild sea,
I like my spot on the ocean floor, where people let me be.”

The Jellyfish nodded, seemed to understand her fear,
He gently laid a tentacle on her and said, “Listen dear,
The ocean may be scary, but with me by your side,
You wouldn’t have to worry; don’t be so terrified.”

For weeks, he coaxed and cajoled, reasoned in every way;
Unused to such attention, she opened her mouth to say,
“The things that you are saying, I have been thinking too,
And what I’ve thought Mr Jellyfish is that I’ll go with you.

“Your words have lifted my heart; they’ve set me at ease,
Together the two of us, we will chart the seven seas!”
Those intelligent black eyes, were hopefully peering out,
The Jellyfish felt odd, but couldn’t tell what it was about.

He took a deep breath and tried to still his wavering heart,
He’d pictured this a thousand times, but’d never seen this part.
The tide had turned in battle, and now that he had won,
He wasn’t sure of the outcome, or even why he had begun.

He steeled himself however; maybe it would be alright,
It was natural to have jitters before starting such a flight.
He bobbed uncertainly by her and beckoned with his head,
The Turtle slipped her flippers out upon the tranquil seabed.

And slowly out of the cavern in her shell her wrinkled head slid,
Giving up the protective barrier that her from the world hid.
Her enormous toothless maw was stretched into a smile;
Started by her ugliness, up the Jellyfish’s throat rose bile.

In a flurry of movement, he stung her across the eyes,
“Sorry,” he muttered quickly and away began to rise.
He wasn’t a terrible guy, but he was honestly shocked,
What he’d seen had scared him, so away he had walked.

The Turtle howled, the pain searing her very soul,
Down her wretched face, salty tears began to roll.
She’d done no wrong, and yet she’d been spurned.
She’d put herself out there, and gotten badly burned.

Dearest Turtle, couldn’t you see, that people like you and I,
We’re contemptible, worthless and we will never know why.
Happiness isn’t meant to be ours; I hope that now you see,
Hiding in the shadows is the best for fools like you and me.
Where we’re left to our own devices and people let us be.


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