Attempting the daily prompt because this happened to a friend today and I felt inspired. It’s about tattoos. It is a bit cliched. But *sigh*

I will remember forever the walks we took together, your warmth as you snuggled up to me in bed.
I will remember the feeling of running my hand through your hair, of the silken threads between my fingers.
You left me by myself, the only cruel thing you have ever done. Could you feel all the tears I shed?
It’s been days since then, soon it will be weeks, yet the memory of your warm breath on my face still lingers.
You were my best friend, my only confidante. No matter what I did, you never questioned me, you never judged.
You just gazed at me, head tilted to one side, your brown eyes hiding all this wisdom that you never shared.
There have been times when I’ve been on cloud nine, other times when I’ve been beaten up and ostracized;
My only constant fan, I looked to you when lost; the shining pole star in my night sky of people who never cared.

You were with me through everything I have ever done and you will be with me through everything I will ever do.
Everything I am today, everything I will ever become; nothing, absolutely nothing was even possible without you.
You left a mark on me the day we met. You’ve left an indelible mark on me, on my heart, my mind and  my soul.
Your absence is terrible. Where your companionship and guidance was once; there is now in me just a gaping hole.
Even though you aren’t here to nudge me the right way, to make me optimistic and see everything as rose-tinted.
I will remember your gentle ways. Be the person you taught me to be. Your legacy that now on my body is imprinted.


6 thoughts on “Imprinted.

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