Where did it go?

We were standing there mere moments ago, hand in hand, joined at the hip.
We were standing there when suddenly your hand out of mine started to slip.
Did I notice? I don’t know. If I did I would have held on tighter still.
Or maybe I did, and like water from a tightly clasped fist you did spill.
A kick of your heels, a fleeting smile and you had vanished in the air,
And all that was left was the memory of you, the missing half of our pair.

I’m different now than I was then, when we started our journey hand in hand.
Maybe an invisible hand had created and overturned our hourglass full of sand.
Was it my growing aggravation with stupidity? The bitterness of my intelligence?
Or was it your constant apathy? Or your inherent need to indulge in nonsense?
We drifted apart, like two paper boats floating down a stream after a rainstorm;
I capsized, you sailed stately on. Now I’m sinking in the mud, lonely and forlorn.

The reasons are not trivial, it’s not about how we have both changed since then;
I was drowning long before you noticed, and when you did you left, I reckon.
You’d known me for years, yet you didn’t know me at all. Why did you never try?
I would’ve never dragged you down with me. Tied you down when you needed to fly.
You were my only respite from my daily troubles, someone to cure my loneliness,
Even now with my wounded ego, my punctured pride, if you asked to return I’d say yes.

Or maybe not. I’m not too sure. How far can a person be pushed before they fall
Over the precipice they’re balanced upon only to realise they can’t fly after all?
You tried, I tried, to salvage something but we’re now beyond continuing this farce.
The dreams are shattered now, lying about my feet; broken shards of silvered glass.
Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of your smile in one, in another the twinkle of your eye.
We stand on opposite sides of the hourglass now and watch the final grains trickle by.


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