The sound of a heart breaking.

She can fake a smile so well; can control so easily her malleable face,
I don’t ever look at it. I know it reflects neither happiness or ache.
I never know what she’s thinking; I’ve struggled to see past the disguise.
Except sometimes, in certain lighting, I can see the truth in her eyes.
It’s just a flash before it’s gone forever, but what alerts you is that sound,
It is the sound of keening loved ones, as a body is laid in the ground.
Like a thousand children weeping, holding on to their broken toys;
It rips you, cuts you to very bone, the sheer sadness of that noise.
I hear it only with my mind’s ear; I can only feel a pulse rock my being,
She stands still in its epicenter, unaware of anybody, unaware of me seeing.
I wonder if I am the only one who notices, after all the sound is so fleeting,
Soon after a roaring fills my ears, the sound of my heart brokenly beating.
For a brief moment she transfers unto me, the feeling she had in her,
She doesn’t realize, she’s not open to seeing things are not as they were.
She thinks she knows she’s alone, and doesn’t dare open her mouth to say,
The million unfathomable emotions that flit across her mind everyday.
But the sound is different; I can see that feeling reflected in her eyes.
The mirrors to her soul crack for a moment, and the light in them dies.
As she smiles serenely, seemingly unperturbed, I can feel my hands shaking.
She can pretend but I know she hears it too. The sound of her heart breaking.


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